Tours of each week are flexible and are organized into small groups that are at least 2 people and a maximum of 8 people. Having a small group we focus on the quality of service, experience and build confidence.

The camp is located in the heart of the peruvian Amazon. On the Pacaya Samiria Nacional Reserve buffer zone, on the right side of Cumaceba river bank, 260 km. from Iquitos city and is surrounded by jungle.

In the evenings you can enjoy a wonderful break, lulled by the sweet song of the animals, crickets and frogs.

Your journey with us will be a unique experience, with quality that characterizes us, years of experience behind us.


While we recommend this PROGRAM, because it is where you can enjoy the tour, we can also fit your needs, time, budget, so you just have to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Day 1: Departure

To start the tour, we will travel early in the morning (8 a.m.) from Iquitos to Nauta. Upon arriving in Nauta, we will head to the port where we will board a “peque peque,” a typical boat used for transportation in this part of the jungle.

After about an hour of traveling on the Marñón river, we arrive at the Ucayali river, where the majestic Amazon river starts to take shape. It is at the meeting point of these two rivers where we can see both pink and grey dolphins.

We travel on the river, upstream along the Ucayali river about 2:30 hour to our base camp is located on the banks of the creek Cumaceba 260 km. Iquitos and is surrounded by primary forest.

We will also visit an area where you can see the largest aquatic plant in the world, the famous lily pad. At night, you will enjoy your first night at the lodge listening to the sound of crickets, frogs, and other jungle animals.


Day 2

In the morning we will eat breakfast and then leave the lodge for a trek through the jungle to learn about medicinal and edible plants. On our walk we will observer different species of monkeys and birds, including the toucan and macaw.

It is also possible to climb the giant trees and swing from the vines like Tarzan! We will drink water from the plant “uña de gato,” and finally, we will return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious lunch and relax.


Day 3

In the morning we will have a typical breakfast and then travel by boat to explore some remote areas deep in the heart of the jungle. In the afternoon we will go fishing. At night, we will have a nighttime excursion through the lakes to look for alligators.

Your guide will catch one so you can hold and take pictures with it. We will return to the lodge where you will once again enjoy the concert of jungle animals.


Day 4

On the fourth day we will leave at sunrise to look for birds before having breakfast back at the lodge. After we eat, we will head out on the boat so you can take another up-close look at more alligators and different jungle species.

In the afternoon we will return to the lodge to eat lunch and relax after having explored the jungle for many hours. During this time you can go fishing, go swimming, or simply rest in the lodge.

In the evening we will eat dinner and then head out for a night trek to see giant frogs, insects, and tarantulas. If you’d like, you can hold the tarantula and let it crawl on your arm!.


Day 5

In the morning after breakfast we will take another short walk through the jungle. At noon, we will eat lunch and get ready to visit the town of Puerto Miguel, where we can see even more species of birds and monkeys.

When we arrive to the town, we will walk around and meet some of the people that live there so you can see their lifestyle and customs.

You can also purchase some local handicrafts to take with you as souvenirs of your trip to the Peruvian jungle. Finally, we will return to Nauta and from there, to Iquitos.